How to Take an Outfit Picture for Social Media

So, you have taken all the effort to get dressed and have worn the new outfit and clicked and posted your outfit of the day (OOTD) on your insta only to be disappointed with the way the picture looks. Have you wondered why and what must be done to nail it on social media? We have tips from expert YouTubers on how to take your outfit picture for social media.

  1. Always have a plain wall as the background: This will ensure that your outfit stands out and there is no other distraction in the picture.
  2. Good lighting: The light should always be in front of you for the best image with minimal shadows.
  3. Appear casual: Practice your pose in front of a full-length camera before you finally click. And when you do click make it seem casual rather than contrived.
  4. Don’t forget the accessories: Your outfit picture must include matching jewelry and handbag as the bare minimum. Visit LuxTime for attractive handbags in all shapes and styles.
  5. Standing is not compulsory: Just because you are focusing on your outfit does not mean that you must keep standing. You can sit down and flaunt your legs as well.
  6. Try a color theme: To make your photos more attractive stick to a color theme and use it in your background as well as your accessories.
  7. Captions are important: You must differentiate yourself from others with probably the same outfit and that is possible if you can caption your picture well. Tag the brand, the shop where you bought it. relate the story of how you bought it and engage your audience by encouraging them to share their own experiences.

You must keep practicing to figure out which pose is the best and what kind of angles bring out the best result.