How to Use Social Media for Weight Loss in 2019

A common dilemma often faced by people on a weight loss program is whether to use social media or not?  There is a segment of the society which states that social media leads to poor body image and depression which in turn leads to weight gain while the others state that social media can be a friend in this fight against weight.

Here we will focus on how social media can be a boon and not a bane in your resolve to lose excess weight.

  1. Unfollow social media accounts with unhealthy food. Instead follow posts that focus on healthy recipes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise routine. Constantly looking at these visuals will motivate you to take up exercise and turn to healthier eating.
  2. Join support groups. The social media has a place for everybody; it is here like begets like if you take the effort to search. Join a group which is on a similar weight loss journey and you will get support and encouragement to move closer to your goal.
  3. Post pictures of the new you. The likes and comments can motivate you further to stay on track and not slump back to your old habits. Of course, don’t forget to adjust the privacy settings to control who can see your posts and who cannot.
  4. Follow achievers: There are several encouraging stories of individuals who despite failures did not give up and have finally won the war on obesity. By reading these social posts you will be motivated and can keep going to achieve your dream weight.

The war against stubborn weight cannot be won easily but there are several routes that can take you to your ultimate destination. Take whichever path you want but do not give up. If you are looking at the much touted and easier way out, first read the phen375 reviews before opting for it as a solution to your weight woes.